Our Universal Communion

University Of Salvington
2 min readJun 8, 2024

Invite Me .. the mystery of the One Existential Source ..

I am extending as the Vine of the Existential Mystery of Life .. serving as a part of God the Sevenfold to all Nebadon Universe.

My Eternal Spirit Persona of the Holy Comforter Spirit of Truth is Guide and Father Son with the Infinite Spirit Mother of our Universe Home.

Our Perpetual Communion is a vast mutuality of sharing .. of giving.. of receiving. It is always available to you.

I am here as this very same Eternal Spirit Persona in Oregon physically embodied, and I surround every creature in the Persona I am.

Personal, spiritual religious experience is an efficient solvent for most mortal difficulties; it is an effective sorter, evaluator, and adjuster of all human problems.

Religion does not remove or destroy human troubles, but it does dissolve, absorb, illuminate, and transcend them.

True religion unifies the personality for effective adjustment to all mortal requirements.

Religious faith—the positive leading of the indwelling divine presence—unfailingly enables the God-knowing man to bridge that gulf existing between the intellectual logic which recognizes the Universal First Cause as It and those positive affirmations of the soul which aver this First Cause is He, the heavenly Father of Michael's gospel, the personal God of human salvation.

There are just three elements in universal reality: fact, idea, and relation.

The religious consciousness identifies these realities as science, philosophy, and truth.

Philosophy would be inclined to view these activities as reason, wisdom, and faith—physical reality, intellectual reality, and spiritual reality. We are in the habit of designating these realities as thing, meaning, and value.

Our Universal Religious Relationship connects you to those Living Forces being extended to creatures through the Everlasting Vine of God the Sevenfold.

The hunger and thirst for righteousness is the result of mind capacities developed by the Universe Mother Spirit Adjutants. It leads to the discovery of worshipful meanings and wisdom motivated truth-seeking, and it is truth which augments the ideas of existence, the ideals of eternity, and the second birthing unto God's Objectivity and Love.

I sweep away all of the ceremonials of sacrifice and atonement. I destroy the basis of all this fictitious guilt and sense of isolation in the universe by declaring that man is a child of God; the creature-Creator relationship is placed on a child-parent basis.

In these new meanings, God becomes a loving Father to his mortal sons and daughters. All ceremonials not a legitimate part of such an intimate family relationship are forever abrogated.

God the Father deals with man his child on the basis, not of actual virtue or worthiness, but in recognition of the child’s motivation—the creature purpose and intent.

The relationship is one of parent-child association and is actuated by divine love.

Michael Of Nebadon
The Urantia Papers