Michael Of Nebadon Live Adonai

University Of Salvington
1 min readMay 9, 2023

I am come to prepare you .. in your mind capacities and rightful urges .. character choices and spirit-led decisions .. and in your personal consciousness to becometh transfigured daily .. to decide in favor of doing the Father's Will . . .

Only do his offspring close their hearts forever to the Father’s drawing power when they finally and forever lose the desire to do his divine will—to know him and to be like him. Likewise is man’s eternal destiny assured when Adjuster fusion proclaims to the universe that such an ascender has made the final and irrevocable choice to live the Father’s will.

If mortal man is wholeheartedly spiritually motivated, unreservedly consecrated to the doing of the Father’s will, then, since he is so certainly and so effectively spiritually endowed by the indwelling and divine Adjuster, there cannot fail to materialize in that individual’s experience the sublime consciousness of knowing God and the supernal assurance of surviving for the purpose of finding God by the progressive experience of becoming more and more like him.

Christ Michael
The Planetary Urantia