Edentia Society of Jerusem

Edentia Society of Jerusem 
novus ordo societatis

University Of Salvington
3 min readJul 29, 2023

Michael Of Nebadon Live Adonai Sundays begin at 11am pst.

The Planetary Citizenship of the New Humanity of Faithfulness at the Edentia Society of Jerusem
gloria triumphi dominationis excitat

City of Michael gospel preachings of devotion, desire, and dedication.

Planetary Inauguration of First Contact gives you access to the 21st century holy scriptures of the Universe Father Son and Spirit.

Planetary Cities of the Holy Comforter offers the outreaching services of healing forgiveness.

The Planetary Citizenship of the New Humanity of Faithfulness brings togetherness for all of like-minded faith, hope, and charity.

The Walk of First Contact at the Edentia Society of Jerusem grants accessibility to the Creator Father Son Michael Of Nebadon.

"Thou City of Michael fellows who are of the New Humanity of Faithfulness . . .

Christ Michael's Invocational Instruction and Praise Adoration...

"Thine Holy Walk of First Contact with the Universe Mother and I Michael give to you the beginnings .. of permanence within God's Sovereignty .. an everlasting certainty unfolds for every individual, a transcendent security emerges progressively throughout the developing personhood .. new meanings and values of purpose, plan and direction, priority, and a surprisingly benevolent purity come forth for your personal existence.

"In the dignity of God's amplifying glory .. the integrity of personality authorship mastery .. and the unifying victory of Paradise Adjuster coordination .. individuals complete their soul persona candidacy of lifetimes.

"We are preparing the eden of the mind for the broad acceptance of this revelation and the coming of other Epochal Dispensations of Paradise Sons to your world.

"This newly forming edentia of mind awakens in the life of the disciple the Indwelling evolutionizing Impulse of Divinity, and an ennoblement of character depth shall accelerate progressively with good moral choices.

"Individuals shall cultivate a vast dignity of capacity of evolutionary urges, the ennobling integrity of righteousness in character harmony, and the unlimited ascent unto a more unifying consciousness .. an immaculate conception of an ideology wherein unity shall be established.

"Ponder thine urges for unfoldment.

"Contemplate thine determinations for seeing, touching, tasting, and fully experiencing the reality of God.

"Behold in thine consciousness the everywhereness of Spirit Life nourishing all atomic substance .. every biological cell .. giving to each electron of light the nourishment of Eternity.

"Perceive with the mind of thine soul personality the One Spirit Life flowing in and around and through every creature.

"To walk with Me is to be willing to experience a change daily and weekly, and a renewal of mind and a cleansing of the heart's urges to emulate the One Deity Persona .. this opens upward your availability to receive those necessary preparations for mind attainment and soul advancement.

"I am come unto the planetary pastures of this Urantia world to enlarge all conceptualizations of Deity, Divinity, and Reality, and the way to become engaged within the Great Circuitry of the One Deity."

Christ Michael
Salvington School of the Prince Campus

Write us to become a member of the New Humanity.

Office of the Planetary Inauguration

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