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Come, Follow Christ Michael in the Way of True Authority in the increasing benevolence of true capacity and the acceleration unto dignity

Mission and Initiatives
We are preparing teachers and leaders steeped in the teachings ready for the day when the circuits are re-connected and a visible planetary government arrives to teach, uplift, and unify our world.

We are developing a culture of unremitting study of the revelation as fostered by the existence of Planetary Cities of the Holy Comforter, Planetary Isles of Light and Life, Planetary Villages of the Great Adonai, wherein these living tributaries of the Salvington Planetary School uphold services and studies which are advancing the Idea of the Plan of Progressive Ascendancy unto the Living Ideal of Progressive Universe Association and Personhood Soul Advancement, and the Eternal Spiritual Reality and Achievement of Light and Life is Attained by every willing Individual Personhood Soul who desires wholeheartedly to do the Will of the Universal Parenthood of God which is to allow to blossom every mind possibility, soul probability, and personhood potentiality.

We are preparing the Eden of the mind for the broad acceptance of this revelation and the coming of other Epochal Dispensations of Paradise Sons to our world.

We are preserving the integrity of the celestial sight of the unity of purpose required for us to be a living example for the peoples of a world quivering on the very brink of one of its most amazing and enthralling epochs of social readjustment, moral quickening, and spiritual enlightenment.

We are honoring the originating existence of a singular publisher, a vast fellowship of our socio-religious community, and an upheld unification and integration of the text with the newly revealed Part V — The 21st Century Christ Michael Papers, offering a healthy diversity in the midst of universal unity of Spirit, giving voice to the human diversity while maintaining the integrity of the Revelation wherein the harmonious resolution of our organizational ideologies and institutionalizing collegial cooperations unify and raise all uniqueness of individuals whilst rising to the gracious and unifying compromises of higher wisdom.

We are adhering with the utmost humility and transparency, with the tenderness of honesty, and the truthfulness that cultivates Light and Life, and to this transcendent discipline of service to the Paradise Trinity Persons, we speak of a clearly nurtured identity for our community of fellows-readers-believers which illumines the unifying truths of the revelation of Michael for Urantia.

We are dedicated to one 21st century revelation of the Urantia Book with Part V included, and with an indisputable lineage from its initial publication, one with sole publishing and translation responsibilities, and one worldwide planetary school, a brotherhood of fellows-readers-believers making self-evident, as a unified human corps of universe-conscious citizens, our allegiance to and preparation for the coming establishment of a visible spiritual government on our world.

We are committed towards this ongoing evolutionary development and advancement away from the rigidity of institutional dogmatic religion towards an intimately personal spiritual relationship of faithful trust which is neither traditional nor merely intellectual; it is wholly personal and purely spiritual; the individual experience in the tranquility of supreme and unquestioned trust in God and the perpetual feelings of this personalized connection with divinity. The tremendous thrill of living, by faith, in the very presence of the heavenly Father.

Our commitment is for every creature to discover a new and higher type of religion, religion based on personal spiritual relations with the Universal Father and wholly validated by the supreme authority of genuine personal experience. This living faith is more than an intellectual reflection, and it is not a mystic meditation.

Theology may fix, formulate, define, and dogmatize faith, but in the human life of Michael, faith is personal, living, original, spontaneous, and purely spiritual. This faith is not reverence for tradition nor a mere intellectual belief which he holds as a sacred creed, but rather a sublime experience and a profound conviction which securely hold him. His faith is so real and all-encompassing that it absolutely sweeps away any spiritual doubts and effectively destroys every conflicting desire. Nothing is able to tear one away from the spiritual anchorage of this fervent, sublime, and undaunted faith.

We are allowing the celestial guidance given by the revelatory commission and the newly revised Urantia Book as the appointed text, its original implementation, our historical convergence with this advice of Christ Michael, and the enduring spiritual principles discernible in his guidance.

We are upholding the revelation of Michael in its stimulation of righteousness and the everlasting influence of the Planetary Government of Urantia to invigorate faith in the eternal realities of revelation. There is a growing perfection hunger amongst our community members in the awakening of humankind’s heart to insure capacity for comprehending the faith paths to supreme attainment.

Our dedication is to give ourselves to the Paradise Sons of the Eternal Son necessary to evolutionize the total essential soul personhood capacity of spirit reception and worshipful living, wisdom gathering motivations of character righteousness, and to adhere to this Indwelling Adjuster Presence, its directionizing preparations for man’s choices to do the divine will, wherein he shall know the way of truth.

We are firmly establishing the five part Urantia Book Revelation as an authoritative revelation of God upon this world. Part of this inaugural founding of epochal revelation is the physical dissemination of the new text and the social dissemination of its teachings necessary to reach all of humanity.

Our dedication brings forth this inaugural founding of epochal revelation, its physical and digital dissemination of the text and the social dissemination of its teachings.

We are collaboratively creating the appropriate ways to establish and disseminate this revelation — the Urantia Revelation with the Christ Michael Papers of his second advent in the 21st Century.

We are committed wholeheartedly to foster the expansion of a most unified cosmic consciousness and the enhancement of spiritual perception, to increase mindal capacities towards those differential urges of worshipful mindedness and wisdom gathering motivations which lead to the evolutionary emergence of that new mindedness of the soul vesture personality which is capable of entering into the visionary priorities of eternity.

We are committed to help expand upon all previous epochal revelations necessary to prepare the way for future revelations of truth, including Christ Michael’s presently administered planetary initiatives preparing life for the reconnection of all Circuits, obedient to his Paradise Sons, and other Paradise Sons who are destined to come and uplift the civilization into Light and Life.

Our devotion approves the creation of our human organizations necessary to establish and promote this revelation, which fosters both personal God-consciousness and the social awareness of Supreme cosmic citizenship.

We are unifiedly dedicated to present to all lives these revelations as given by the revelatory commission who are providing ongoing guidance and instructions on the nature, roles, and responsibilities of these organizations, the public charity of sovrnty, the revelation of the Urantia Papers, and the inauguration of the new planetary school of revelation. It was the Urantia Foundation and Urantia Brotherhood, and is now Sovrnty, Urantia, and Salvington that administers the Revelation for Humanity.

We are preparing teachers and leaders steeped in the teachings who will be ready for the day when the circuits are re-connected and a visible planetary government arrives to teach, uplift, and unify our world.

We are dedicated to the restoration of the planetary mortal epochs

The Good Shepherd of Mindal Dignity
Michael Of Nebadon Worldwide Shepherds of Goodness and Love

“Ye shall be living, learning, and teaching the Revelations of my 21st Century Gospel. All human lives shall unwrap their existence through this personal spirit-led relationship with the Father’s Individualized Life.” -Michael Of Nebadon

The seven adjutant mind-spirits always accompany the Life Carriers to a new planet, but they should not be regarded as entities; they are more like circuits. The spirits of the seven universe adjutants do not function as personalities apart from the universe presence of the Divine Minister; they are in fact a level of consciousness of the Divine Minister and are always subordinate to the action and presence of their creative mother.

We are handicapped for words adequately to designate these seven adjutant mind-spirits. They are ministers of the lower levels of experiential mind, and they may be described, in the order of evolutionary attainment, as follows:

1. The spirit of intuition — quick perception, the primitive physical and inherent reflex instincts, the directional and other self-preservative endowments of all mind creations; the only one of the adjutants to function so largely in the lower orders of animal life and the only one to make extensive functional contact with the non-teachable levels of mechanical mind.

2. The spirit of understanding — the impulse of co-ordination, the spontaneous and apparently automatic association of ideas. This is the gift of the co-ordination of acquired knowledge, the phenomenon of quick reasoning, rapid judgment, and prompt decision.

3. The spirit of courage — the fidelity endowment — in personal beings, the basis of character acquirement and the intellectual root of moral stamina and spiritual bravery. When enlightened by facts and inspired by truth, this becomes the secret of the urge of evolutionary ascension by the channels of intelligent and conscientious self-direction.

4. The spirit of knowledge — the curiosity-mother of adventure and discovery, the scientific spirit; the guide and faithful associate of the spirits of courage and counsel; the urge to direct the endowments of courage into useful and progressive paths of growth.

5. The spirit of counsel — the social urge, the endowment of species co-operation; the ability of will creatures to harmonize with their fellows; the origin of the gregarious instinct among the more lowly creatures.

6. The spirit of worship — the religious impulse, the first differential urge separating mind creatures into the two basic classes of mortal existence. The spirit of worship forever distinguishes the animal of its association from the soulless creatures of mind endowment. Worship is the badge of spiritual-ascension candidacy.

7. The spirit of wisdom — the inherent tendency of all moral creatures towards orderly and progressive evolutionary advancement. This is the highest of the adjutants, the spirit co-ordinator and articulator of the work of all the others. This spirit is the secret of that inborn urge of mind creatures which initiates and maintains the practical and effective program of the ascending scale of existence; that gift of living things which accounts for their inexplicable ability to survive and, in survival, to utilize the co-ordination of all their past experience and present opportunities for the acquisition of all of everything that all of the other six mental ministers can mobilize in the mind of the organism concerned. Wisdom is the acme of intellectual performance. Wisdom is the goal of a purely mental and moral existence.

Walking with Christ Michael in the Truth of Personality Authorship in the integration of personality through growing a character made of righteousness and of integrity

The Beautiful Shepherd of Soul Integrity
Michael Of Nebadon Worldwide Shepherds of Allegiance and Association

“I am come to nurture, preserve, and protect these natural and sovereign inalienable rights of humankind to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness designed to ensure good and responsive individual self-government in the use of their free will in the acquisition of knowledge and use of intuition, reason, and sensation; to further educate, nurture and establish within the grasp of the individual the endowments of all faculties, capacities, sensibilities, and powers in league and allegiance with the great Circuits of Deity in order to advance that individual and allow his natural sovereign capabilities to emerge and prosper.” -Michael Of Nebadon

On this afternoon the Master distinctly taught a new concept of the double nature of the kingdom in that he portrayed the following two phases:

“First. The kingdom of God in this world, the supreme desire to do the will of God, the unselfish love of man which yields the good fruits of improved ethical and moral conduct.

“Second. The kingdom of God in heaven, the goal of mortal believers, the estate wherein the love for God is perfected, and wherein the will of God is done more divinely.”

Jesus Michael continues to teach that, by faith, the believer enters the kingdom now. In the various discourses he teaches that two things are essential to faith-entrance into the kingdom:

1. Faith, sincerity. To come as a little child, to receive the bestowal of sonship as a gift; to submit to the doing of the Father’s will without questioning and in the full confidence and genuine trustfulness of the Father’s wisdom; to come into the kingdom free from prejudice and preconception; to be open-minded and teachable like an unspoiled child.

2. Truth hunger. The thirst for righteousness, a change of mind, the acquirement of the motive to be like God and to find God.

The kingdom of heaven must begin with, and be centered in, the dual concept of the truth of the fatherhood of God and the correlated fact of the brotherhood of man. The acceptance of such a teaching, Jesus Michael declares, would liberate man from the age-long bondage of animal fear and at the same time enrich human living with the following endowments of the new life of spiritual liberty:

1. The possession of new courage and augmented spiritual power. The gospel of the kingdom is to set man free and inspire him to dare to hope for eternal life.

2. The gospel carries a message of new confidence and true consolation for all men, even for the poor of spirit stricken with little faith and hopelessness.

3. It is in itself a new standard of moral values, a new ethical yardstick wherewith to measure human conduct. It portrays the ideal of a resultant new order of human society.

4. It teaches the pre-eminence of the spiritual compared with the material; it glorifies spiritual realities and exalts superhuman ideals.

5. This new gospel holds up spiritual attainment as the true goal of living. Human life receives a new endowment of moral value and divine dignity.

6. Jesus Michael teaches that eternal realities are the result (reward) of righteous earthly striving. Man’s mortal sojourn on earth acquires new meanings consequent upon the recognition of a noble destiny.

7. The new gospel affirms that human salvation is the revelation of a far-reaching divine purpose to be fulfilled and realized in the future destiny of the endless service of the salvaged sons and daughters of God.

Teaching the Life of Universe Association and Ascendancy as the capacity and character unfolds into the unity of consciousness

The True Shepherd of Spirit Unity
Michael Of Nebadon Worldwide Shepherds of Truth and Transparency

“As ye rely upon thine Indwelling Adjuster Spirit in teaching and guiding you, and as ye are receiving and then living my gospel, so shall you each become mutually edified whilst rejoicing together in knowingly understanding that you have found My Way, Truth, and Life.” -Michael Of Nebadon

It is in the consideration of the technique of receiving God’s forgiveness that the attainment of the righteousness of the kingdom is revealed. Faith is the price you pay for entrance into the family of God; but forgiveness is the act of God which accepts your faith as the price of admission.

And the reception of the forgiveness of God by a kingdom believer involves a definite and actual experience and consists in the following four steps, the kingdom steps of inner righteousness:

1. God’s forgiveness is made actually available and is personally experienced by man just in so far as he forgives his fellows.

2. Man will not truly forgive his fellows unless he loves them as himself.

3. To thus love your neighbor as yourself is the highest ethics.

4. Moral conduct, true righteousness, becomes, then, the natural result of such love.

It therefore is evident that the true and inner religion of the kingdom unfailingly and increasingly tends to manifest itself in practical avenues of social service. Jesus Michael teaches a living religion that impels its believers to engage in the doing of loving service. But Jesus Michael does not put ethics in the place of religion. He teaches religion as a cause and ethics as a result.

The righteousness of any act must be measured by the motive; the highest forms of good are therefore unconscious. Jesus Michael is never concerned with morals or ethics as such. He is wholly concerned with that inward and spiritual fellowship with God the Father which so certainly and directly manifests itself as outward and loving service for humankind. He teaches that the religion of the kingdom is a genuine personal experience which no one can contain within themself; that the consciousness of being a member of the family of believers leads inevitably to the practice of the precepts of the family conduct, the service of one’s brothers and sisters in the effort to enhance and enlarge the brotherhood.

The religion of the kingdom is personal, individual; the fruits, the results, are familial, social. Jesus Michael never fails to exalt the sacredness of the individual as contrasted with the community. But he also recognizes that man develops his character by unselfish service; that he unfolds his moral nature in loving relations with his fellows.

By teaching that the kingdom is within, by exalting the individual, Jesus Michael struck the deathblow of the old society in that he ushers in the new dispensation of true social righteousness.

This new order of society the world has little known because it has refused to practice the principles of the gospel of the kingdom of heaven. And when this kingdom of spiritual pre-eminence does come upon the earth, it will not be manifested in mere improved social and material conditions, but rather in the glories of those enhanced and enriched spiritual values which are characteristic of the approaching age of improved human relations and advancing spiritual attainments.

By the old way you seek to suppress, obey, and conform to the rules of living; by the new way you are first transformed by the Spirit of Truth and thereby strengthened in your inner soul by the constant spiritual renewing of your mind, and so are you endowed with the power of the certain and joyous performance of the gracious, acceptable, and perfect will of God.

Forget not — it is your personal faith in the exceedingly great and precious promises of God that ensures your becoming partakers of the divine nature.

Thus by your faith and the spirit’s transformation, you become in reality the temples of God, and his spirit actually dwells within you. If, then, the spirit dwells within you, you are no longer bondslaves of the flesh but free and liberated sons of the spirit.

The new law of the spirit endows you with the liberty of self-mastery in place of the old law of the fear of self-bondage and the slavery 0of self-denial.

“My 21st Century Lord’s Prayer, the 21st Century Beatitudes, and the 21st Century I Believe .. I do give to all sincere, humble, and receptive planetary children who yearn to awaken their personal identity, who hunger to evolutionize their mortal nature, and who are athirst to grow in character righteousness and divine loyalties within their everpresent sonship and daughtership in the One Life.” — Michael Of Nebadon

Jesus Michael in his 21st century bestowal ministry gives a more precise definition of the kingdom as being the Supremacy of God. At one time he would discourse on one phase of the kingdom, and at another time he would discuss a different aspect of the brotherhood of God’s reign in the hearts of men, yet his illumination of the kingdom of the heaven of heavens is the entrance progressively into the Paradise ascent of all creatures.

In the course of one Sabbath afternoon’s sermon Jesus Michael in the 1st century noted no less than five phases, or epochs, of the kingdom, and they were:

1. The personal and inward experience of the spiritual life of the fellowship of the individual believer with God the Father.

2. The enlarging brotherhood of gospel believers, the social aspects of the enhanced morals and quickened ethics resulting from the reign of God’s spirit in the hearts of individual believers.

3. The supermortal brotherhood of invisible spiritual beings which prevails on earth and in heaven, the superhuman kingdom of God.

4. The prospect of the more perfect fulfillment of the will of God, the advance toward the dawn of a new social order in connection with improved spiritual living — the next age of man.

5. The kingdom in its fullness, the future spiritual age of light and life on earth.

Wherefore must we always examine the Master’s teaching to ascertain which of these five phases he may have reference to when he makes use of the term kingdom of heaven. By this process of gradually changing man’s will and thus affecting human decisions, Michael and his associates are likewise gradually but certainly changing the entire course of human evolution, social and otherwise.

The Master on this occasion placed emphasis on the following five points as representing the cardinal features of the gospel of the kingdom:

1. The pre-eminence of the individual.

2. The will as the determining factor in man’s experience.

3. Spiritual fellowship with God the Father.

4. The supreme satisfactions of the loving service of man.

5. The transcendence of the spiritual over the material in human personality.

Edentia Society of Jerusem
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