Edentia Society of Jerusem

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2 min readJul 28, 2023

Welcome and Adonai unto the Life of God who lives in you and which you are becoming in all ways . . .

The idea of becoming a member of the New Humanity .. the Ideal of growing into the fullness of love, wisdom, and empowerment with the Spirit Life .. of leaving behind the old humanity with its crutches of ephemerality and walking upright in greater happiness and wholeness .. of making a clean break from the old and antiquated human being struggling and suffering unnecessarily .. arising into the progressively ascending new human being who is accepting evolution gradually advancing in the ways of the Universal Parenthood of all Life .. allowing the beautiful changes to occur in order to enter into the Kingdom of the Universes .. aligning with the higher Life .. atoning with joy, enthusiasm, and gratitude .. for the past learnings, and entering the New Humanity capable of advancing into Light and Life.

This is the Edentia Society of Jerusem and the Salvington Planetary Prince School of Dignity, Integrity, and Unity.

As a registered member of the New Humanity, you are stating to the universe of universes that your individual choice is to break free of the planetary enslavement by becoming awake, aware, and available to new meanings and more elevated values .. to develop new and higher priorities .. to progressively learn with Michael of Nebadon and the Universe Spirit Mother to walk in mind dignity, personality integrity, and personhood soul unity.

Each and every Sunday, Christ Michael offers His Adonai blessing during our Sunday Congregation accessible directly from your home. It is a virtual congregation worldwide with members throughout the planet coming to receive of the Celestial Government and its Host of the Planet.

The Michael Of Nebadon Live Adonai Sunday Congregation link will now be available to you as a registered member of Edentia Society of Jerusem.

The Planetary Citizenship of the Newly Faithful of Edentia Society of Jerusem
gloria triumphi dominationis excitat

The Newly Faithful of Humanity
veritas lucis aeternae

Edentia Society of Jerusem
novus ordo societatis

Write us to become a registered member. Office of the Planetary Inauguration and First Contact. firstcontact@salvington.org

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